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Do you rule Rome with cool wisdom or an iron hand?

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Discover which Roman Emperor you resemble most!
and welcome to Imperator Stamp, where you can find out which Roman Emperor you resemble most in personality, likes/dislikes and even physical aspects! Are you an Augustus or a Vespasian? Perhaps a Nero or a Commodus? Let us tell you! If you're interested, please read the rules and then submit an application!

Your Mod: bandita

01. You must join the community to submit an application. All submissions are moderated.
02. No fighting or insulting members. You get one warning, then you'll be thrown to the lions. Or ripped apart by gladiators. Maybe both.
03. Please fill out the application form as thoroughly as possible. It makes the stamping process more accurate.
04. Please vote on three unstamped applications and place the links to those votes in your application. If there are not three available to vote on, then vote on as many as are available. If there are none at all, then indicate so in your application.
05. When posting your application, please make sure you use an LJ-cut. It's included in the application, so please use it! Also, make your subject title "IMPERIUM", just so I know that you at least glanced at the rules.
06. Anyone can vote on applications, whether you've received your stamp or not. However, only stamped members can submit applications for the themes.
07. You will be stamped after you are voted 5 - 7 times the same way, OR after 5 days, at which time you will be stamped by the majority vote.
08. DO NOT hotlink/direct link the stamps - save and upload to your own server.

01. Please try to vote one emperor on someone's application. Occasional double votes are fine.
02. While so-called "sheep voting" is discouraged, if you happen to agree with other voters, never fear. That said, do try to give a brief explanation of your vote.
03. Important!: You are able to vote someone as any emperor of the western Roman Empire (from Augustus to Romulus Augustus). This is for two reasons. First, there are very many emperors as it is and this approach is a way to scale back the massive pool from which to choose. Secondly, it seems that more people are familiar with the rulers of the western Empire than the eastern/Byzantine, and therefore it will likely be easier for everyone to vote when drawing from the former. If enough people support the motion, we will likely have a theme month where you can be voted as an eastern Empire emperor. See some of the possible stamping options below in the "STAMPS" section.
04. Please bold your votes.
05. Please do not screen your votes.


#1 - "Women of the Empire" - view the rules, stamping options and application here.
#2 - "Matchmaker" - view the rules, stamping options and application here.*


Do you feel like your stamp just wasn't right, just wasn't quite "you"? Well, you may apply for a re-stamp. You may do this twice. In your re-stamp application, please make sure you indicate who you were previously stamped as, so that people know who not to vote you as.

The stamps themselves will be made as they are needed. Here are some starting options for stamps; you are by no means limited to these emperors. They are here just in case you need help getting started in voting. As long as the emperor you vote is a western empire emperor, that's fine.

The Julio-Claudians
- Augustus
- Tiberius
- Caligula (Gaius)
- Claudius
- Nero

The Emperors of 69
- Galba
- Otho
- Vitellius
- Vespasian

The Flavians
- Vespasian
- Titus
- Domitian

The Nervan-Antonian Dynasty
- Nerva
- Trajan
- Hadrian
- Antoninus Pius
- Marcus Aurelius
- Commodus

*For more information on these and many others, check out a list of all Roman Emperors here.

View all stamped members here.

To view all current affiliates and/or make an affiliation request, see this post.

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