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20 October 2009 @ 03:51 pm

To begin, please vote on three previous unstamped applications (if available) and place the links here:
#1 -http://community.livejournal.com/imperator_stamp/11931.html?view=31643#t31643
#2 -http://community.livejournal.com/imperator_stamp/11749.html?view=31973#t31973
#3 -http://community.livejournal.com/imperator_stamp/11509.html#cutid1

Interests/Hobbies:public speaking,,my friends,writting speeches!
Strengths/Positives:kind,loving,caring,friendly,good speaker,idealistic,sweet,
Weaknesses/Negatives:naive,outspoken,,too sensitive,i think my idealism in general sometimes annoys certian people,stubborn,can be immature at times,says sorry to much
What do you love?:my friends!, my family,public speaking,debating,people,,politics,pretty much people and politics :)
What do you hate?: hypocrasy,people who insult you just because they don't agree,prejudice,rudeness,crulty,discrimanation,,sadisticness
Describe yourself in three words:idealistic,caring,sweet
In three words, how might other people describe you?:idealistic,a great friend,fun
What are your worst fears?: people being silenced,everyone should have a voice in government

Frugal or Lavish: in between haha! :D
Traditional or Unconventional: traditional, but i'am open to change and other people,i believe everyone should make a change.
Cautious or Impulsive: in between
Fanciful or Sensible: sensible
Lover or Fighter: lover
Responsibility or Popularity: responsibility,a leader shoiuld always put others needs before his/her own
Reserved or Outspoken: outspoken

What do you think of the Senate and the "old ways"?: I like it!!, I like the idea of different branches of government, i think they got a little to much involved and started to become prejudice towards groups,, but I still think having a Senate is a wonderful idea, i think Senators should be elected more though :)
Of course you revere the gods, don't you?: I believe in one God  (the Christian God) :) and I love him
The people of Rome demand amusement. What do you do about it?: hmm maybe set up social activities for people to do :)
So, how about those Greeks?: lets make friends with them,more alliences are good :)
What would you like to do in your free time as emperor?: make Rome a better place to live :) with reforms, schools, make a more even cheaks and balence system
What would your legacy be? What would you want to be remembered for/as?: as a kind rulers who protects the rights of those with no rights, and made Rome a great place to be ;)

There is unrest in the frontier areas; barbarians are raiding. What would be your course of action?:oh no! send soldiers to defend the border
You learn of a revolt in the provinces, led by one of your generals. What do you do?:oh no :( one of my generals, remove him from his job I guess, and try to win the provinces love by giving them more freedom
Overall, how would you feel about your role as supreme commander of the legions?:well, I don't like to fight much but it must be done at times. I love times of peace and believe that it is nessasary to secure our esstential libertys.

Anything else you think we should know?: Thanks for voting!! :D
[Optional!] Finally, please give us a brief description of yourself or a picture (image or URL): I have fair skin, dark blond hair/with brown and red highlights, and green/blue/grey eyes
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dearkiki on December 3rd, 2009 09:12 am (UTC)
I don't think I can add anything new to what was said above. :-) So... my vote goes for Jovian.